5 Tips to Consider for Your Next Event

Michael Kasian |


The more we chat with organizers of various events, the more we respect the work that they do. Running an event is A LOT of work up until the big day. However, there are certain tricks to ensure that your event will run smoothly. Here are 5 tips we’ve learned while speaking with organizers who use Eventjoy:

Bring attendees to you at the right time: It’s important to know that your event will have some steady competition in the surrounding area. Scout the location you plan to host an event in and make sure nothing else is going on that could take away too much of your potential core audience.  It’s important that if you have a targeted community to ensure they know your event exists and have limited reasons to miss out on your event.

Make them feel special: The price of a ticket can sway an attendee one way or another, so choose your pricing carefully. Entice your attendees with deals that won’t burn too much of a hole in your pocket. Offering limited tiered pricing, exclusive access codes for secret tickets, or including promotional discounts are all easy tactics that can drive more people to make a purchase.

Simplify the ticketing experience: Getting someone to give you money for a ticket should not be difficult. Get rid of the red tape and make it simple. Providing more options for attendees to purchase tickets is much easier than redirecting them to your event’s page. So put a ticket widget everywhere: on your web page, on your sponsors web page – anywhere you can, really. Let people have as much access to purchasing a ticket as possible.

Communicate often: After they buy the ticket, you’ve got to hold onto their interest and keep your attendees in the know. Rev up their excitement with emails and posts to social media reminding everyone that your event is coming up. Don’t forget to also answer any questions attendees may have before the event. Be the primary source of information for anyone planning to attend.

Don’t lose that data: You’ve got everyone to attend! Brilliant! Now that you have everyone’s contact info, it’s important to hold onto it. Export your attendee lists and keep them on file. Having all of those email addresses at your fingertips creates a whole new group of folks that can be first to know about your next event.