API phase 2 has arrived, let’s build something great

Todd Goldberg |


It’s here — the second phase of the Eventjoy API! Since we announced phase 1– which focused on public event information — back in April, we’ve seen a large amount of interest from developers and users to use our data in creative ways. Unfortunately, many of these requests required functionality we didn’t yet support. Today, I’m pleased to announce phase 2 of our API roadmap. At a high level, phase 2 includes private event information like order details, as well as OAuth functionality so you can create secure applications that allow Eventjoy organizers to enhance the capabilities of their event. Here’s an overview of what’s new in phase 2:

  • OAuth- Authenticate users to securely access information from their events.
  • New Order, Attendee, Organizer objects- Lots of new data to use in your apps.
  • New webhooks- Additional triggers are available to always keep your apps up-to-date.

With this new functionality, the possibilities of what you can create with our API are now endless.

The API will remain in beta, and we’re requiring all developers to still request access by going to the API and Webhooks page found in the settings area.

We eventually plan to have an app showcase that highlights the great things you’re building with us, but until then, please keep us in the loop about how you’re using the Eventjoy API. Going forward, we’ll be working closely with developers to improve the API and roll out additional functionality for phase 3.

Developers…we want to hear from you about what you’re building, your experience to date, and ultimately, how we can help. You can email us at developers [AT] eventjoy [DOT] com.

Check out our new, overhauled API documentation to get started.

Finally, we owe a huge thank you to Jerry from our team for developing and leading this effort.