Build with us, introducing the Eventjoy API and Webhooks

Todd Goldberg |


I’m excited to finally share one of the big initiatives the Eventjoy team has been planning for over a year. Today, we’re releasing our API and Webhooks to better connect Eventjoy to your workflow, share public information from our ever-growing inventory of events, expand your promotional reach, and enable other services to integrate ticketing functionality into their products.

What does this mean for event organizers?
You’ll soon be able to connect Eventjoy to some of your favorite apps. For example, you could send ticket sale notifications to a Slack channel, sync attendee data with your CRM, or even show a list of your Eventjoy events on your organization’s website.

What does this mean for developers?
We want to work with you to expand both the capabilities of your platform, as well as our own. We’re starting off with a limited scope — public event data — but over time, we’ll add more functionality to handle event management functions behind the scenes.

What is the plan for the API?
We think of our API roadmap in different phases. Today, we’re releasing phase 1 which is based around event discovery and webhooks. Phase 2 will open up authenticated data such as order information.  Over time, we’ll work towards phase 3, which is geared towards general event management functionality and other exciting stuff we can’t share just yet.

Is this open to all developers?
Not quite. We’re starting things off in private beta to ensure we can get frequent feedback, monitor stability, and improve performance across a small community rather than a much larger one.

How do I get started?
You can check out our API docs to see what’s available today. To get setup with your own API key, you’ll need to request access. You can do that by going to Settings >> API and Webhooks.

Have questions or just want to discuss what you plan to build? Email us at developers [AT] eventjoy [DOT] com

Together, we can help others create amazing event experiences. Let’s make it happen.