Connect Eventjoy to 400+ other apps with Zapier, available in the new Eventjoy App Center

Todd Goldberg |


We know that as an event organizer, you use a variety of tools to put on successful events, which is why your event registration data should work seamlessly with the rest of your workflow. One of the main goals with our API was to use it to enable new integrations, as well as empower other developers to build tools to help you be more successful as an organizer. Today, we’re releasing our first integration through a service called Zapier.

Zapier enables you to automate tasks between online apps (like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Gmail, Slack, and Eventjoy!). The possibilities are endless. By creating and using what they call “Zaps,” you can link apps in minutes without needing to have any technical knowledge. Here are some possible Zaps you can use:

  • Send new attendees to your Mailchimp list
  • Add new events you create to Google Calendar
  • Post the details of an order to your Slack channel or Hipchat room
  • Send new attendees to your CRM (Salesforce, Highrise, etc.)

With over 400+ apps, you can create your own zaps to utilize your Eventjoy data any way that works best for you.

Zapier, the first app in the Eventjoy App Center

Getting started with Zapier is free and only takes a moment to setup. In fact, it’s the first app of many to come to the new Eventjoy App center (p.s. developers, you can create your own app too)!  To find Zapier in the App Center, go to Manage >> Apps.

Find a Zap you want to use then click “Use this Zap.” A new page will pop up that will guide you through settings things up. Once a Zap is setup, it’ll be running until you stop it.

Can’t find the app you’re looking for? Check out Eventjoy’s Zapbook on Zapier to see all 400+ apps you can connect to.

Zapier | Eventjoy app

We’ll be doing a follow up post in the near future that highlights these use cases and others in more depth. Tweet us @teameventjoy or drop us a line at feedback [AT] eventjoy [DOT] com to let us know how you’re using Zapier.

  • Alison Groves

    This is awesome to see, Todd! Welcome to the Zapier family!

    • Todd Goldberg

      Thanks Alison! This is exciting news for our organizers :)