Customize the registration process and collect more data

Todd Goldberg |


If you haven’t heard, we launched last week and all we can say is WOW! The amount of interest has been overwhelming and we’re just getting started. Thanks to a lot of diverse feedback from all of you, we’ve developed some new features. Let’s check out the first one, the Order Process section (found under design)

Know your attendees better by collecting more data

If you’re organizing an event, odds are you not only want to know who is coming, but you also might want to learn a bit more about them. What’s their shirt size? Where do they work? What meal do they want? Thanks to the new “Order Form” feature, you can create custom questions to get these answers. Create as many questions as you want with a variety of question types: text areas, dropdowns, checkboxes, and radio buttons.


On the right side you’ll even notice recommended fields which are common fields that you can add with one-click.

Create that warm, cozy feeling with custom order confirmation messages

Once a brand new attendee signs up, shouldn’t you properly greet her with what to expect next? Well, we have just the thing, the “Order Confirmation” feature. You can now customize the message that your attendees will see on the registration confirmation page and their ticket.


These features were developed because of your feedback. Please keep it coming so we can build what you want to see. Send your ideas to