Event organizing has gone mobile; Introducing the Eventjoy for organizers app

Todd Goldberg |


In a world that is becoming mobile first, we feel event organizing needs to catch up. While we’ve already created a unique mobile solution for attendees, we recognized a need for a better mobile solution for organizers than what exists in the market today. Typically, these apps focus solely on selling tickets and checking people into the event. While those are still needed, the possibilities that mobile offers is too large to ignore, which is why we created our own take of the ideal mobile solution for organizers. Today we’re excited to announce the Eventjoy for Organizers app. This first version is just the start of where we think a mobile solution for organizers can go.

See your event stats on the go
We’ve made your dashboard mobile so you can always see how your event is doing. Things like number of page views, ticket sales, app downloads, and event check ins are at your finger tips. Where it gets really exciting is this mobile dashboard includes a live feed of all of the latest activity. You can see who just purchased tickets, when they purchased them, and instantly access their information with one tap. Over time we plan to make this feed an activity stream with everything going on around your event; think facebook timeline, but for events.


Check in your attendees at lightning speed
We provide a few ways to help you get your attendees into the event with ease. The first is to simply swipe them in from the attendee list. The first swipe checks them in and a second swipe checks them out (in case you need to).


The second method is to scan their QR codes. This can be done through printed or mobile tickets from the Eventjoy attendee app. The scanner will use your camera and is a great way to ensure the attendee’s ticket is valid and not duplicated.


Lastly, you can check in attendees from their detail page with one tap. We’ve designed the app in a way that lets you move in and around efficiently so you’re only ever a tap away from checking someone in.

Manage your attendees
See a complete list of your attendees and access all of their order information. Since our platform is inherently social, if the attendee has added a profile picture, we’ll share it with you so you can easily identify them. You can even email them on the fly.


Send instant push notifications to attendees
This is the holy grail; the ability to communicate with attendees on the fly DURING the event from your phone. We’ve always enabled organizers to send push notifications from the website to attendees who are using the attendee app, but now they can do it from their phone. We’ve been asked for this feature since we started and it’s finally here :)


You’re always good to go
Your event data is available online and offline. This means you can keep checking people in when you’re offline and it’ll sync with our servers the moment internet is available. You can even have multiple devices checking people in to make things go even faster.

In the future we’ll support in-app ticket sales, more communication functionality, the ability to invite others, and a whole bunch of other great things. If your next event is coming up soon and we’re powering it, we’d love your feedback on this app so we can make the next release even better. Please send your thoughts to feedback [AT] eventjoy [DOT] com.

You can see the app in action by going here or download it directly from the App Store here.