Get help with your events, add contributors

Todd Goldberg |


Let’s face it, putting on events is tough work. Having team members or friends help you manage things will help you reduce stress and make event day run even smoother. As of today, you can now invite others through our new multi-user feature to do just that. Those invited — which we call contributors — can help you with all of your events, or just specific ones. Additionally, you can choose whether they have full admin capabilities (i.e see sales data, manage orders, edit ticket types, etc.) or are just able to check people in through our organizer mobile app (i.e. scanning tickets or managing the guest list at the door)

To get started, head over to the Multi-user Access feature found in the settings area. From there, add as many users as you want. As you add them, we’ll send off an email letting them know they can contribute to your events. All events for contributors will still appear on the My Events page, they’ll just have a contributor badge on them.

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