Hello Eventjoy for Android

Todd Goldberg |


It’s finally here…Eventjoy for Android. For the past few months, it seems we’ve received a request for Android almost every day. Well today we no longer have to say “it’s coming soon.” Available in the Play Store right now is our beautiful new Android app that uses Google’s new design style known as Material. It’s a pretty exciting day at Eventjoy HQ (hint: it sort of looks like the below).


Our first Android app is for attendees, but later on this year we’ll be rolling out one for event organizers.

This app empowers event goers to find events, buy tickets, and access those tickets anytime, anywhere. We’ve also made things social so you can see which of your friends are going to your favorite events, along with easy ways to invite others.

Eventjoy Android app

In order to get this app into your hands faster, we’ve kept things simple on purpose. Over the coming months we’ll be frequently shipping out updates to enhance your event experience.

So if you have an Android device, head over to the Play Store now and download the app.


Finally, please send all feedback to feedback [AT] eventjoy [DOT] com

  • Philly Ciz

    Great news! Thanks guys!