Introducing access codes, an incredibly easy way to add exclusivity to your event

Todd Goldberg |


Let’s face it, not every event is organized equally. You might have sponsors, you could have certain things only accessible to VIPs, or you might just want to be selective on who can even attend. Having a static registration page won’t help solve this, so we developed a way to either a) hide select tickets or b) only let certain people get them. We call this ticketing voodoo, creating access codes. Let’s take a look…

What’s an access code and how does it work?

Access codes are special phrases that potential attendees can enter during the checkout process to register for the event. When you’re creating a ticket, you simply set the ticket’s visibility: visible or hidden.

  • Visible tickets – These are tickets you want everyone to see. They can either be purchased by the general public or an access code can be created to only let select people purchase them.
  • Hidden tickets - These are tickets that are not shown publicly. The only way someone can find/purchase them is if they have an access code.

Access codes are customizable and let you set:

  • The name of the code that people will have to enter.
  • The number of times it can be used; either unlimited or set to a specific amount.
  • A date range for when the codes can be used.


How do potential attendees enter the code?

When potential attendees see the tickets you have available, they can simply select “Enter a code” at the bottom of your ticket listing. A box will then appear for them to enter your code. Assuming they enter a valid code, the ticket will now be available for purchase, regardless of whether it was hidden or visible.


Here are some ideas on when to use access codes:

  • You have VIP tickets that only VIPs should be able to get.
  • You want to have sponsors register through Eventjoy, but you don’t want to make their registration publicly available.
  • You want an element of exclusivity around your event by publicly listing your tickets, but you want to make them only available to certain people.

What are some other ways you might want to use access codes for your event?