Introducing discount codes, a new way to drive ticket sales

Todd Goldberg |


The latest feature we’re rolling out to help you with your promotional efforts is discount codes. Now you can offer discounts on certain tickets to help drive more sales. Discounts can be in the form of a specific amount or percentage off the initial price. You can also set certain timeframes that the codes are available for. Your attendees can either enter the code at the time of checkout or see the discount applied immediately when they get to your event website through a unique link that we’ll provide you with.

Some of the ways you can use discount codes:

  • Give each one of your partners a unique discount code to promote to their own members.
  • Run your own limited time offers to create urgency in buying a ticket.

To create your discount codes now, go to Promote then Discount Codes.

Orders that involve a discount code will now show which code was used on both your dashboard and order details page.

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