Introducing Eventjoy, the easiest way to organize and event

Todd Goldberg |


Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Eventjoy, but you might know us by our former name, EXMO. We recently made the switch and are EXTREMELY excited to be taking a new approach on event organizing and the way people experience live events.

To start with, Eventjoy is the easiest way to organize an event. Event organizers can handle ticketing and registration, create a mobile event app, design a beautiful event website, and utilize activity walls all from one platform. The best part? It’s all free!

Ok, now that we got the pitch out of the way, we’d like to explain how we got here.

With EXMO, we created mobile event apps, websites, and activity walls, but a lot of our users assumed we also did ticketing and registration. After listening to our users, we realized there’s an opportunity in bringing everything together on one platform to create a better attendee experience and to keep things simple and affordable enough for any event organizer. We learned a lot as we created EXMO and below are just a few of the key themes guiding Eventjoy:

  • As event technology becomes more accessible, a rapidly increasing number of non-professional organizers are relying on it to organize their events.
  • The tools that organizers use are fragmented and integrations from platform to platform only go so far (i.e. data from ticketing systems to websites to mobile apps). Consolidating the technology to one platform will not only simplify organizers’ workflow, but also creates new opportunities.
  • There’s a strong interest in contextual mobile apps for all sorts of events, even beyond the conference/convention space where they’ve typically been used. However, accessibility, cost, and just lack of time to manage another tool has resulted in only a small percentage of events actually using them. US smartphone penetration is above 64% and yet, so few organizers utilize this medium to their advantage both as organizers and for their attendees.
  • Ticket sales drive everything; whatever helps organizers get more attendees at an event is king. We’ve seen that mobile engagement and leveraging social media in unique ways can amplify these sales significantly.

We’re solving this with one amazing platform that does it all for organizers, creates better experiences for attendees, and is free to use. From event registration to event day engagement, we’re creating a completely seamless experience.

We’ll be using this blog to talk about exciting events, event organizing, ways to use Eventjoy, and startup topics.

We welcome you to join us on our journey as we work to make event organizing joyful. Now, let’s have some fun organizing and experiencing events!

– The Eventjoy Team