New event websites are here!

Todd Goldberg |


Like your event concept, your event website is unique. It creates an instant impression on the visitor — who will hopefully be your next attendee — as to the awesomeness that they have an opportunity to be a part of. The imagery, colors and verbiage all set the tone as to what they could experience. After all, you want to create FOMO so that people sign up right then and there. Today, we’re going to help you generate some serious FOMO-inducing hype with our new event websites.

Vibrant, customizable cover images

We’re constantly amazed at the beautiful cover images you create for your sites, so we wanted to make them really shine. Cover images are now much larger, and can have either a single color or gradient overlay on top of them. You can even adjust the opacity of the overlay to make sure things always look good.

Sleeker, more minimal ticket widgets

Your site is all about getting people to sign up, so we made the widget that highlights all of your ticket types a whole lot cleaner. Information like availability ranges and descriptions are presented in a more minimal fashion to make things easier to read. We’ve even rolled out some new functionality like the ability to show how many tickets are remaining.

Designed for mobile

Over the past few quarters, we’ve seen an increasing trend in site traffic from mobile devices. With that in mind, the new site layouts handle everything on mobile better — ticket information, the checkout process, and even event content. As an added bonus, we’ve even made the sites a lot faster, because let’s face it, long load times are terrible.

A simpler, yet more powerful website editor

It’s never been easier to create a beautiful site. Pick a cover image, select some impactful colors, and boom…hello beautiful event site! We’ve simplified the designer to get you up and running even faster. Not only that, we’ve added a ton of new, high-quality cover images you can select with a single click.


Ready to upgrade your event’s design? Simply go to the designer (click the design tab from the organizer dashboard) and resave your event. That’s it! Note: All newly created events will automatically use the new site design.

Below are some events that have upgraded their site to the new design. We’re blown away by how great they look.

kickit_thumbKICK IT with Code 2040


MADJAM 2015: Unity Jam

color_me_rad_thumb2015 Oslo Color Me Rad 

sales_hacker_thumbSales Hacker Series Chicago 







  • Eric Burns

    Absolutely love that you changed the call to action button to “Buy Tickets” rather than “Register”. Love what you are doing, keep it up!

  • Andy Pearson

    Did the option to add a social feed to event pages disappear with this redesign? That was one of the things I loved, and I can’t find it.

    • Todd Goldberg

      Unfortunately, yes. We noticed that only a handful of events were actually using it, and that it impacted the page load speed. We may look at other alternatives in the future.