Thank you and goodbye from the Eventjoy team

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Almost three years ago, we started EXMO, which later became the Eventjoy that you know and love today. Since then, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but all the while, have been inspired by the ways people have used what we built. When we transitioned to becoming a mobile-first ticketing company, we expected a large amount of events to be professional oriented — what we initially focused on with EXMO. But wow, were we wrong. We’ve watched you plan comedy shows, art classes, high school reunions, dance parties, color runs, producer showcases, film festivals, career fairs, karaoke fundraisers, culinary workshops, gaming conventions, and thousands of other things you’re passionate about. We’ve seen businesses grow from hosting their first event to later running dozens at the same time across the world.

Today, we have some news to share that will impact your ability to organize events on Eventjoy going forward. Several months ago, our parent company, Ticketmaster, acquired another do-it-yourself ticketing company called Universe. After some internal conversations, it was determined that the best path to go down was to merge the companies together. As of today, all new events will be created on Universe. While no existing events will be impacted, you won’t be able to create additional ones on Eventjoy going forward.

Our team has enjoyed supporting you day in and day out, and we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to do so. We’re proud of what we accomplished with a team of only five people. We helped over 5,500 organizers plan 8,000 events all over the world, which brought hundreds of thousands of people to new experiences both near and far. We enabled organizers to grow their businesses by facilitating millions of dollars in ticket sales. We built a handful of amazing products that people loved ranging from mobile apps to event websites. And lastly, we experimented with a fee-free business model that challenged common notions of what a do-it-yourself ticketing company can be.

Eventjoy world mapCities across the world that hosted an Eventjoy event

We’re working with the Universe team to ensure this transition is as painless as possible. One of the ways we’re doing that is by having them grant existing Eventjoy users the ability to ticket for free for the next twelve months. We want you to know that we’re here for you during this transition. Many of the questions you may have are most likely answered in our help center post that describes the specifics of the merger.

Keep on planning amazing experiences.

Eventjoy team

The Eventjoy Team
Kyle, Jerry, Heather, Karl, and Todd

  • cbaltrusis

    Really enjoyed working with you guys when we held our conference last year. Good luck to everyone in your future endeavors :)

  • Taven D. Gibson

    Appreciated your services and looking forward to using this new ticket company to my advantage. Good Luck on everyone’s future acconplishments.

  • Raz Roman

    Congrats to the awesome team!

  • Malowa Oduol

    Is there are problem with Universe? I had a scare this morning. I’m feeling like I’ve been scammed. My funds were available for withdrawal three days ago. I did that ( via Paypal) I have no funds in Paypal and they aren’t in my universe account. No reply from support – 29 hours later… What’s happening? Have I been scammed? I have the transaction number ( THANK GOD) . It doesn’t even list my event as having any sales now – it says 0!! Not Cool. I’m panicking and have suppliers on my neck. HELP